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International Discovery Diving Association

The number of active sport, leisure and hobby divers is estimated to be up to 15 million worldwide.

Are you already one of them?

As a member of RSTC Europe, which brings together the leading diving organisations in Europe, the IDDA not only provides you with training to the highest standards, but also guarantees that your training is recognised worldwide.

Popular Specialty Courses

IDDA Night Diviing

Experience the underwater world with a different perspective
Night Diving

A diver doesn't forget the experience of the first night dive so fast. Experience it for yourself.

IDDA Wreck Diving

Sunken objects from bygone times
Wreck Diving

There are many types of wrecks under water, but almost all have one thing in common: a special attraction for divers. Learn how to dive into wrecks safely and harmlessly in the IDDA Wreck Diver course.

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IDDA is full member of RSTC Europe

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